Optical Fiber and Network Solutions

Optical Fiber and Network Solutions

Optical Fiber

On the cutting edge of technology, optical fiber offer you stable, reliable and continuous flow. It enables a very fluid information flow and clearly upper those previously used (near 30 times superior).

Consisted of a complex technology, optical fiber requires a unique know-how, a big technicality, and a perfect control of techniques and equipment.

This technics is increasingly being used, benefiting as well as private or professionnals customers :

  • An unequalled image quality (High definition),
  • Simunltaneous uses  (Internet, television, phone…),
  • Momentariness exchanges .

Our services:

  • Development of optical fiber – Mono mode and multi mode,
  • Reflectometry,
  • Optical analysis,
  • Optical weld,
  • Passive optical network,
  • Optical buckle,
  • Meadow cabling in optical fiber,
  • Connection ST/SC/LC/MTRJ.

SADI Richard as learned how to adpapt to our sector transformations  and we are now one of the main companies of tMonaco to propose this type of services.

Network solutions

The telecom networks activity concerns the use of equipments associated to analog or digital networks.

Working beside actors of choice within the Principality of Monaco, SADI Richard have developed our skills as well as our know-how, conferring us,  a significant place on this market.

Integrator of network solutions and telecom, SADI Richard provides you with a global offer of state-of-the-art services:

  • ADSL,
  • WI-FI solutions,
  • Interconnected network,
  • Unified Communication,
  • Voice over IP, TCIP.

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